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Jaumarro A. Cuffee

Jaumarro A. Cuffee (Joy) is a never say die writer who enjoys killing people on the page. She detests the macabre but delights in ‘who dunnits‘ and ‘how to prove its.’

After decades of writing for work and a lifetime of writing the occasional poem. Jaumarro decided to turn her hand (once again) to killing a few people. With murder on her mind, she managed to meet up with myriad magical authors in Word Splurge and dreamed up her first fantasy in nearly fifty years (that wasn’t an elementary school spelling assignment). That fantasy piece became an offering for Dragons Within: Embracing Her Fire.

Jaumarro continues the quest to embrace her fire with murderous short stories, personal poetry and the elusive someday novel.

Join Joy on her journey at FindingMyJoy on Facebook and her blog at where she’ll share some of her scribbles along the way.